I am completely in love with this one! I can't believe how much I love it because I honestly wasn't all that excited about it when I first started. Everything seemed off- the color and the pattern weren't my style at all, but once I finished it I fell hard....!!!

Pattern: 28thirty by Sarah and Rachel from Zephyr Style (Ravelry)
Yarn and Needles: Cascade 220 Wool, I don't remember the color number!! Size 8 needles
Start Date: December 12, 2008
End Date: February 25, 2009

Mods: Lots!!! :) I didn't dig the ridged look, so I opted to skip out on those. The collar, cuffs, bottom hem, and buttonband are all seed stitch. I obviously knit it longer than the pattern, and I threw in some waist shaping for a more tailored look.

The buttons are perfect, shiny big concave black ones. I need to stabilize them a little bit, the buttonband pulls and one of the buttons towards the bottom is already falling off. Do you have any tricks for buttons? I always seem to have a problem with the band pulling apart, even if the body is big enough to fit right....

The collar is perfectly cozy and adorable, a little floppy and just structured enough...

In the end I am beyond thrilled with this one! I always end up sticking my hand knit sweaters in the closet without really wearing them, but 28thirty is super functional and cute enough to wear all the time!!!

Have a fun weekend!!!

sus <3


  1. super cute! i keep seeing these on ravelry and thinking i need to make one.

    you could try reinforcing the button band with a crochet chain, so that it doesn't stretch out of shape, and you can also sew buttons on the back of the button band behind the front buttons. it stabilizes the buttons and the band.

  2. I love everything about the sweater. I love the way you take the photos too, very creative! I love the girl in the sweater too. mom

  3. oooh it's gorgeous...the colour is amazing on you!

  4. I came across your blog via Ravelry. I like modifications you made, and it looks fabulous on you!

  5. Great sweater, but did the yarn pill at all?

  6. Oh man I love that sweater! I heart purple. And sweaters.


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