Oh Sunday.

Today was a little overwhelming, but I think everything's working out. We started packing pretty seriously, and the apartment is a wreck. At one point Chris and I started talking about our plans for getting all our stuff up north. We had been wanting to rent a small UHaul truck, so we started looking at rates.... HOLY HANNAH it's expensive! It would have been about $400 to rent the smallest truck. We were anticipating about $150-200, but there's no way we can afford $400. So in a panic I called my dad, and luckily he's willing to come down and help us. He has an SUV so either he'll bring that and we'll rent a small trailer for $100, or he'll bring a work truck he has but isn't sure how well it runs right now... He really saved our behinds! My dad is such a good guy!!

I've been going through my closet to get rid of clothes, but I've found a whole bunch of stuff I'd forgotten about! Like this leopard print sweater... I have a tought ime with leopard print, I think it can either be really trashy or really cute... This one is cute, but it comes close to being not-so-cute.

Dress: Heritage 1981 by Forever21
Cardigan: Forever21
Necklace: Modcloth
Leggings you can't see: Target

I made a little pinwheel hair clip, I think it's cute, but needs some adjustments to be perfect.

I found the cuuuuuutest tattoo on weheartit! It looks just like embroidery!! Love it so so much. I have such a huge list of tattoos to get, I can't wait til I have money and I'm closer to my favorite shop!

How was your weekend??



  1. oh u look gorgeous in the little cardi chickie!! :}

    quick q's ...what colour is your dreamy nail polish?? luv it!!

    waving at you,
    trace-leigh :}

  2. Thanks missy-moo!My nailpolish is Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in Urgent Orchid. I found it at Target. I think OPI had a very similar color a few months back you might be able to find!!


  3. I have the same cardigan and love it! :D cute!

  4. Holy cow, that tattoo is amazing! I am not usually a huge fan of color, but that one is so perfectly pretty!

  5. wow, very original tattoo, i've never seen anything like that!

  6. I love that leopard print cardi. I really like the blog-what-you-wear idea-- it's really fun!
    p.s. awesome tattoo!


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