How cute would this be with cuffed skinny jeans and flats and a little apron while I'm pulling perfect cupcakes out of the oven and putting them on my pretty aqua formica table??
[source: modcloth]

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  1. Modcloth knowledge, a fellow flats lover and a aqua formica table?! I heart you. Although my cupcakes never turn out perfect. Like never, but I make a mean cobbler if that counts. Great blog, I'm glad I saw your neato shop.

  2. Ha thanks dearie! Though most of that is all just a dream, I *wish* I had that shirt, and an aqua formica table would be amazing! But I am pretty could at cupcakes!! Glad to have found you too! xoxo

  3. I say... BUY IT! I give you my blessings :)

  4. Haha Caren, I wish I could! My budget doesn't allow for it now... :( Maybe I can con Chris into buying for me for my birthday! <3

  5. I think it would be important to put in a birthday order with your man :)
    My husband usually asks me what I want... then decides he doesn't like what I picked out for myself! lol!


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