first post from the new house!

We're all moved in! We got here yesterday, after three grueling hours of packing a Uhaul and my dad's truck, going up and down the stairs in the terrible humidity, and after driving off with the trailer still open (oops!), then the three hour drive and unloading everything. It was exhausting, but the place is really cute! Kim and Bruce (Chris's stepmom and dad) left us a TON of furniture, so we're almost all set with what we need! We still have a few boxes to unpack, and I have to do a ton of laundry (YAY LAUNDRY ROOM!!), and set up the craft room (ALSO YAY!!!). I'll post some photos of our place soon, but for now here's some pretty pretty pictures I found!

[source: weheartit]

I love you all!

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  1. Glad you made it there in one piece and with some sanity!

  2. glad you made it to your new home!

    love the picture of the owls, so cute!

  3. settling in and unpacking is my favorite part of moving. finding a new home for everything, organizing, decorating... love it! hope you're having some fun.
    i love that owl picture!!

  4. These picture are beautiful--so glad I found your blog!


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