Formspring Friday!

I know it's not technically Friday right now, but I got home from work at midnight and then ate a super late dinner. Better late than never, I guess!

I didn't get very many questions this time around. Maybe I should start posting whatever random facts I can come up with! Here goes.

What are you doing at your new job?!

Ugh I knew I would have to talk about this eventually! Ok, here's what it is.... My dad owns a Dairy Queen and he hired me on as an assistant manager.

Here are the reasons why this is good: At least I have a job. Chris doesn't have a job yet, so we need money. He's paying me more than my last job. I already know what to expect because I worked there for ten years.

Here are the reasons this sucks: I worked there for ten years. I started wiping tables when I was ten, and didn't get out of there until I left for college at twenty. I was really burnt out then. Working with my dad and stepmom is not the best thing for our relationship. Also, I just graduated college. I would much rather be doing something where I could wear respectable clothes and have a desk or office and not come home smelling like sour milk. But the problem is I don't really know what I want to do. I got my degree in History, but I don't want to teach history. So what do I do? I honestly have no clue. I would love to make my craft into a career but I don't see that happening any time soon. I'm embarrassed that I'm going to be working where I am, and that I had to go to my dad to get me a job, but hopefully it'll only last through the summer. I hope to have found something better by then, even if it's not perfect.

how many tattoos do you have and what are they?

I guess it depends on how you count tattoos... I have "je t'aime" written on my left wrist, cherry blossoms on either side of my chest (two sets of three flowers), and four stars on my tummy. If I had the money I'd be covered!

Do you make your living by your art?

I definitely don't make a living off of the stuff I make. I just recently opened my Etsy shop, and I've done ok with it. It's a nice little supplement, but up until recently I had a job at a hardware store. Chris and I both worked there, but we quit because we're moving soon. I do hope to cultivate my blog and Etsy into something bigger than what it is, but I'm definitely not reliant on it. I think where I've done well with my Etsy is the fact that I don't have to spend a whole ton of money on supplies, most of what I buy is something I'd buy for personal use anyway, or it's inexpensive stuff. I envy people who can make a living off of their craft, though with my personality I could see myself getting burnt out on crafting if I had to do it as a job rather than a hobby that I love. Maybe someday...!

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  1. There is absolutely nothing wrong with where you work :) I worked at a dairy queen for 3 years and to be part of management is better than if you just started there as newb. And regardless of how you got the job... it's a job that is paying your bills. :) Heck I'd say you earned asst mang. being that you've worked there 10 years prior!


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