Help this cute puppy!!

See this pretty girl right here?

This is the adorable Miss Kaelah and her ohso cute puppy Georgia. Poor Georgia is due for surgery soon. It's going to be expensive, and Kaelah has already had a pretty tough year. She lost so much due to the flood in Tennessee, and the expense of the surgery was just ONE MORE thing that really sucks for her right now! She's been working on her Etsy, filling it with beautiful things, but I know how Etsy goes, and it isn't a reliable source of income for most people. I suggested that she should open up a Paypal donation for Georgia's surgery. 100% of anything donated will go directly towards Baby G's surgery. Miss Kaelah has over 600 followers, and if everyone donated just $2 she'd have that surgery covered! That's about the cost of a pack of gum! I'd love it if you'd go here and check out her post about Georgia's surgery, and see if you can't help her out a little. Georgia says thanks!!!


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  1. I made a help georgia button that links to Kaelah's donation post if you want to add it to your blog...



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