Un-Formspring Friday!

I didn't get any new questions in my Formspring since last week, so you'll have to settle for a What I Wore Today post! I'm getting seriously tired of my hair, I don't mind the color so much (though I would love to go red or blonde, I've had dark brown or black hair my entire life), but the cut is kiiiilllling me. It doesn't do anything anymore, I tried curling it (which I almost never have to do) and it won't even hold. My tease won't hold either, ugh it's just so frustrating! I think I get really attached to how my hair looks because it's usually the one thing that I know will look good, regardless of if I'm having a fat day or if I stay in sweats all day, if I wear my hair down I know it'll look good. But not so much anymore!

Anyway, onto the outfit!

Dress: Modcloth ($50 something)
Leggings: Target ($6)
Flats: Target ($12)
Hairbow: Hot Topic (hehe, I think 2/$5)

I have a love/hate relationship with this dress. It's really adorable, I love the style, but the fit is a little off. It's about two inches too short to be worn as a dress with tights, so I have to wear leggings which I don't really like, plus the two snaps on the waistband are a little too tight, not so bad that it's instantly uncomfortable, but after wearing this dress for a day I feel like I've had a corset on! But it's adorable, so what's a little pain in the end, right?!

Love you billions.

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  1. Super cute!!! I was actually just wishing I had a dress like this. I've been stuck with men's shirts lately because I haven't had any shopping money! Ew!

  2. This dress is super cute! I love it. Your hair is pretty too! As a hair stylist I say to you, "Don't do anything drastic". hehe...:)

  3. @Thera: Oooh, as a hair stylist, what DO you recommend?! I haven't seen a stylist in soooo long!



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