Best birthday surprise ever!

First off, I wanted to thank you all for the beautiful and endearing comments you left on my last post! It really meant so much to me to have you guys appreciate what I had to say, and to then share part of yourselves! And thank you Ashley, for being brave enough to do it first!

I had a pretty crappy day otherwise. We had a houseguest who got a little out of hand, and it was wearing me pretty thin. I had a lot I needed to accomplish in the last couple days, and having a surprise guest for wayyy longer than I thought I would kinda sucked. Then, I've been having family drama lately (pretty much since we moved back) and it just got even worse today. It's not worth getting into, but I just have some frustrating people I have to deal with. On my drive home from work I was just venting to Chris on the phone about how frustrated I am right now, and little did I know he'd cooked up a sweet little (pre) birthday surprise for me!

(he got me stuff for my craft room, and promised to help me set it all up soon!)

I almost ruined the surprise too. I pulled into the driveway and called him to make him come outside to sit in the car with me so I could finish my cigarette (gross, I know) and of course I started venting more... When we finally walked in the door he started singing 'Happy Birthday' and lit my candles! It was really very sweet.

(Chris's nickname for me is Slippy. Don't ask why, he doesn't even know!)

(my sweet man eating the lemon cake he made for me!!)

He wrote me the best little birthday note I've ever gotten, and the whole thing totally turned my day around! I can't wait for my day tomorrow, I just know it will be awesome!

ANNNND!!! Don't forget you can still enter my Birthday Giveaway! You have until 5pm Illinois time, and I'll announce a winner sometime after that!!



  1. Oh my gosh it's my birthday today too!!! Birthday twins! :D

    Happy Birthday!

  2. this is sooo cute! Happy Birthday!

    we need to get you off the cigarettes though!

    well have to call it no more nicotine for susannahbean!

    sorry I'm a dork

  3. happy birthday darling!

    ps. that cake is the cutest ever.

  4. Happy Birthday!

    That lemon cake is so cute, how sweet!


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