Finally feeling better!

I can't believe this cold knocked me out for so long! It was really pretty terrible, I had to miss two days of work because of it! Just awful. I still don't feel 100%, it's like the cold is gone but the snot isn't :( TMI?!

Anyway, last night Chris and I went into Chicago to see my sister Lauren and brother-in-law Kyle. Lauren's birthday was June 5th, and mine was the 16th, so we met up to have a little belated birthday celebration. Here's my outfit:

Dress: Heritage 1981 by Forever21 (maybe $20)
Sweater: Target (the little girls section!, $7)
Belt: Target ($15ish)
Sandals: Target ($13)

My hair has been getting significantly lighter over the last few weeks, it's not even just that the dye is fading, but my natural color is really coming through. I think it's from being in the sun so much. I can't decide if I want to keep dyeing it black or let it lighten up. What do you think?

So back to last night... I need to preface this by telling you that my sister Lauren is literally THE BEST gift-giver ever. She's one of those people that spends months thinking about and planning gifts out. She scours the internet for the perfect gifts and usually finds the most amazing things! I have a lot of anxiety about getting her gifts, and since our birthdays are so close I know that we'll be exchanging at the same time, which just makes my anxiety worse! It's not that she's hard to shop for, it's just that she is so good at giving gifts that she sets the bar really high and it's very hard to live up to that! Anyway, I totally copped out because I'm still on a very tight budget, I got her a bottle of wine and some candy (great pairing, no?!). Well, here's what she got me...

Yeah. She's good. She found my wishlist and got me the perfect dress! I love it, it fits so well!

Ok, I'm off to catch up on all the blogs I missed out on over the last few days! Sorry I haven't been around so much, I miss you all!



  1. that dress is perfect! What a great gift! I love the colors! Glad you're feeling better.

  2. your outfit is so beautiful! i love those shoes.

  3. you look so cute! I want hair like yours :D

  4. Glad to here you're feeling better. That dress is super cute and I love shopping at Target. Target and Forever 21 are my favorite stores on this planet lol.


  5. so glad youre feeling better!!
    cute outfit!

  6. you and your blog are just too much cute!!!


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