Ikea day!

Chris and I went to Ikea today to look for a dining room table, and of course I picked out a few other things! Here's the table we want...

...with these chairs....
...and for my craft room wishlist I want two of these lamps...

...and this desk/sewing table....

...and I loooove this chair! I didn't see this upholstery at the store we were at, but they have it online...

I can dream right?!



  1. i love ikea! it's so much fun there. i got a dinner table from here, it's the same color as the one you have on here, but i think it was the next size up.

    very cute!

  2. I need to get a dining room table too. We just got rid of a 6 seater. Why would we need so many chairs for just the two of us.... it was a total waste of space. I want a bar height table.

    Love that chair!

  3. i love ikea!! i only wish i could afford to shop there, haha.
    that last chair with the bird...adorable!!!
    lovely blog.


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