My birthday present from my momma

I wanted to share all the awesome things my mom got me for my birthday, but once I started photographing it I realized you might need some backstory on my mom in order to understand her... My mom lives in southern California, and she's a complete and total hippie. As in, my stepdad's an artist, she's runs a preschool, they have a full size teepee in their backyard, and they have chairs hanging from their ceiling, you know, just for fun! My mom is quite a character! One thing she and my stepdad loooove to do is go to thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales. They're up at 5 am on Saturdays to go make the rounds. I'm always way jealous of her finds, so she usually saves some of the good stuff for me. Then I get it in a big random package for some special occasion, like my birthday! So here it is...

(clockwise from top left: set of lemon fabric napkins, plastic bracelets (maybe Bakelite?), random upholstery samples, Pyrex dishes, mini sock coin purse, yoyo flower, metal percolator, odd assortment of crochet hooks and knitting needles/notions, The Joy of Cooking, and random fabric scraps)

She also included two tablecloths and a large dish towel...

(I love this one, it says Kitchen Parade and has marching dishes! And of course, Jeans laid on it immediately)

(LOOOVE this fabric! It's an oblong tablecloth that doesn't quite fit our table, so I might use it in a quilt or something!)

She sent the cutest little chick pitcher...

...but he had an accident on the journey here. I tried putting it back together but I couldn't, it was too many pieces.

I love the whole thing, it's so her to send me such a random assortment of things! There was a lot more fabric, and some of the scraps are like 2"x2". So random! But totally her, and I just love it!



  1. Oh my goodness! How awesome is that, Happy Brithday!!!

  2. I love that fabric! so sorry about the birdie though!

  3. Random reader says: I have that same pyrex dish! Funny!

    Nice to meet cha!


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