Chris and I went out to the south suburbs to visit our very best friend Jason for his graduation party. I was nervous beforehand because I knew it was going to be mostly family, but it actually turned out to be a blast! Jason's family is hilarious, they remind me of Chris's family a lot, very loud and honest and witty! Of course, Chris cannot take a nice picture to save his life...

... but it was a beautiful day spent in the pool with my love and my other favorite person! How was your weekend??



  1. Oooo is that the new dress your sister got you?? You look stunning!!!

  2. i love your blog and i gave you an award too! i totally dont expect you to do another list though lol. here it is http://cherryredstudio1.blogspot.com/2010/06/today-i-got-my-first-blog-award-i-am-so.html

  3. I needed to see a picture of you two! And you look so great and happy. Thank you for being you. mom


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