Surprise day off.

I thought I had to work tonight, but I was wrong! Usually on days I have to work I lounge around in pj's until the last possible moment before going in to work. So I was still in pajamas around 1pm when I got the call saying that I didn't have to work tonight. I jumped in the shower and decided to get all cuted up, and then worked on my craft room some more!

T-Shirt: Target, $8
Skirt: Old Navy, $4 on sale
Belt: Target, $12ish?
Sandals: Target, $13
Sunglasses: F21, $6

Don't you just love the look of my shed?! I do!

Mr. Littlejeans found himself a cozy spot underneath the covers in the craft room! I kind of secretly love the look of the mattress, so I haven't gotten sheets for it yet...! I'm really excited to be almost done with my craft room, I just need to hang a few more things (that I want to do well, so I'm going to borrow a level and everything!), and give it a quick once over before I show it off!

How was your day?



  1. Hi! Coming out of lurking to say hello and also that your cat is adorable - I've always wanted a grey cat! Your shed is really cute, too :D
    Surprise days off are the best, I've had the opposite today and agreed to go in on my day off, eurgh.

  2. that is such a beautiful outfit. you look lovely.

  3. Wow, that is such a good outfit :) you look great


  4. Love your outfit!

    And your kitty is so cute! I have a grey kitty that looks a lot like Mr. Littlejeans. ^_^

  5. I LOVE that outfit!! It is so adorable. I lounge around most days [the joy of being a mum and not getting the chance to get dolled up!] I so wish I had the time and inclination to put on a cute outfit!!! I'm still wanting to steal your hair!!

  6. I love your outfit! Your cat and the shed are the cutest!

  7. cute belt! I love how the whole outfit is pulled together by your accessories... :)


  8. looks great! love your hair too, btw. how do you get that look?

  9. Aww you do look great! I however pretty much slept all day lol.


  10. Your cat is soo cute! We have quite a few wandering around here, too.


  11. I do the EXACT same thing!!! I love love love this outfit! One of your best!

  12. How do you do your hair?


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