well this is annoying.

I love that in our current house we have almost double the room as we did in our last apartment, but that just means more places to lose things! I can't for the life of me find my iPod dock! I've been working on our upstairs craft+music room and I really want to listen to music and I honestly have no idea where the dock could be. Ugh!

[image via weheartit]

EDIT: I just found it! It was shoved in the laptop backpack that has my broken laptop in it. WooHoo!



  1. Eugh I hate it when that happens!! My cottage is scarily small but somehow I managed to lose my DS!!! There is NO storage here [apart from the attic] so I'm thinking it's the LACK of storage for my loss!! I would lend you my dock if you lived closer!!!
    Hope your day gets better!!

  2. What will you be listening to now that you found it?

  3. Ahh that's so frustrating! I'm glad you found it.


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