best find yet!

I wanted to do a WIWT post that showed off my newest vintage treasure, my adorable red suitcases! I don't know what you'd call the little one, a carry-on? Maybe you know... Anyway, I came up with this adorable little outfit to match my pretty suitcases, and had a little photoshoot. These are the only pictures that turned out because I was talking to Chris the whole time and it definitely showed (so many awkward faces!). I got the suitcases at a Catholic Church rummage sale in town for $2 a piece! And, I have another awesome find but I'm still cleaning it up before I show it off...

Dress (which is actually a nightgown): Anthropologie, $20-ish on sale
Cardigan: F21, $11 on sale
Shoes: Target, $13

(adjusting my homemade bike shorts, which are leggings that I cut the legs off of!)

(the sweetest little bird print, with one of my fave color combos! I seriously love every color here, I wish my whole life could be aqua/red/pink/olive/cream!)

I'm a little behind on getting my 100 Followers giveaway together, I'm still searching for the perfect stuff. But bear with me, because the more patient you are the more awesome the giveaway loot is!

We're off tonight to visit my sister Lauren in the city because my sister Cara just got in for a month long visit! We get to see my niece Vivianrose who we haven't seen in almost three years!! She was a little kid last time, maybe four or five, but now she's like an actual kid, with adult teeth and everything! I can't wait to see them!!

Love you billions, little friends.


  1. I think the little case is called a vanity case... they are too cute! x

  2. You look great in that outfit! I love the little cardigan :o)

  3. I've always wanted a dress from Anthropologie but they are so expensive!! I can't believe you found one for around $20.

  4. Pretty dress <3 would never have guessed that it's a night gown O.O
    the suitcases are too cute!

    xo trish

    (p.S. following you on twitter now :D )

  5. I love your style! You and your hair are so pretty!

  6. your outfit looks great & those bags are the cutest. gotta put the to good use!

  7. you are THE cutest thing in the entire world! i swear! gah!


  8. I just made some "home made bike shorts" from leggings too! we were getting ready to have a party, I wanted to wear a short skirt, but it was hot as hell :) good thing for the shorts too, I got lifted up a couple times in the night, lol!

  9. Love that Im not the only one who cuts perfectly good leggings to wear under a dress! :)

  10. Aw, I love the print of your dress! Super cute on you =)

  11. WOW!!! THAT DRESS!! It's so perfect I'm jealous! The print, the fit, the shape, everything about it is so perfect! Your vintage luggage is so pretty too, what a great find! Have fun on your trip!

  12. I love that dress [it looks nothing like a nightdress!!] and the cases are so cute!1

  13. aw that dress is adorable! i love the little bird print!

  14. That dress is tooo cute! I never find good finds liek this but also some part of me loaths shopping. I love your cute blog and I'm just dropping in to say Hello from teh Home Ec site. I can't wait for all the cool things we're all making!

    xo Marisela

  15. Haha I totally have a nightgown from Anthropologie that I wear as a dress! Hope you had a good time with your niece! (I realize this comment is a few days late, haha.)


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