New etsy banner!

Hello little beauties! I made a new Etsy banner today, and I must say, I'm really proud of myself!

After lamenting about my lack of Photoshop know-how the other day I decided to try it out. It didn't even take me that long to come up with the idea! I think it suits my shop more than my last banner did. Next move- redesigning the packaging! The color scheme is the same still, but I'll have to do some figuring out about where to go next! Also- my biggest I WANT THAT thing of the moment? Real business cards! I've been printing mine at home, but I've seen some great ones that aren't too expensive!

Have you ordered business cards off the internet before?

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PS: I'm working on a few new fall/winter designs for my shop, I'll definitely be sharing them once I'm done! Almost finished with a prototype, so excited!!


  1. I'm excited and can't wait to see! :)

  2. did you get a chance to see my moo cards? I just posted them. they were only $20, and the website is super easy to use.

  3. Vistaprint! I've ordered a couple of times and you can get 250 free and only pay shipping!! Yea you are limited by design or you can pay a little more for custom ones and they're great looking IMO <3
    Love the banner <3

  4. i like your new banner! good job! for business cards i have been using overnight prints. you can completely design the front and back yourself which i love. the cards are cheap but the shipping is expensive (to canada anyways).

  5. I ordered my business cards at moo.com, and I love them. You can completely design the front and back and pick from different sizes (I got the mini ones). I think I paid like $20 for them? Good luck!

    Pics here:

  6. I got mine at vista print. I found your blog through Home Ec! Love your hair :)


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