My love's birthday.

If you don't follow me on Twitter, you won't know that I've been obsessing over Chris's birthday (today!!) for the last week or two (sorry for those of you who have seen this stuff already!).

About a month ago I decided that I wanted to do something big for Chris's birthday. He's had a really tough year so far, and I know he's struggling with getting older. I thought about what to get for him for a while before I finally chose an iPod touch. I got my iPhone at the beginning of September, and he'd play with it every second he could. On top of that he filled up his old iPod and had to start deleting stuff from it to fit all his new music. I picked the 64g iPod touch 4th generation, and I knew it'd be the best gift he's ever gotten!

I tried to keep it a secret, and I did pretty good, even though he said this morning that he had a feeling that I got him one. I even bought sorta crappy gifts to throw him off:


The original plan was to give him this stuff (a slinky, dino sponge capsules, his fave candy, and a razor) when we woke up and make him wait the rest of the day for the iPod. I'm so so so terrible at surprises though! There were a handful of times throughout the week that I *almost* gave it to him, so I figured if I could make it to his actual birthday I was golden. I gave him the silly gifts, and once they were all opened I told him I forgot to put on in the bag. I handed him the wrapped iPod and recorded his hilarious reaction with the intention of sharing it with you guys, but he won't let me because he was in his pajamas!! I'll just say there was lots of spazzing out!

(He let me take this picture later. fyi- he's actually happy,
he just hates having his picture taken!)

We went to lunch at our favorite sushi place...

(These are the only ones I eat! In the interest of full disclosure,
I ate seven plates of this today...!)

We did a little shopping (for yarn!) before we came home and chilled out for a while. I was super tired (birthday boy woke me up at the crack of dawn... err, 8 am...), so I took a nap while he played with his new toy.

After I finally woke up we headed to Chris's mom's house for cake. We had no idea, but she'd invited a few of their family friends over, so there were quite a few people there to celebrate my man's birthday! We had lots of food, lots of laughs, a few beers, and made some nice memories.


(We'll eat the birthday cake I made him some other day.
It's Oreo and vanilla ice cream with fudge writing/border! I made it alllllll by myself!)

All in all he had a wonderful birthday. I know he wasn't expecting much, which made it so much more fun to do something big for him!

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  1. Aww how sweet of you! Kind of sucks that he kind of knew what you were getting him, but that's still really cute! :)
    Also mmm sushi sounds so delicious right now!

    Little Sugar Monster

  2. Happy belated birthday to Chris! It sounds like you guys had a great day. That's a seriously awesome present you got him too. Go you for managing to keep it a secret all week!

  3. aw so sweet! that cake looks yummmmmy! i want! andddd your nav looks so great! (must teach me how to do this! i've been stumped too!)


  4. Aww! We just celebrated my man's birthday toooo! I'm so bad at keeping surprises surprising. I spent a couple months writing him a book - just memories that made me happy and things I think about him, etc. and I gave it to him the day before by accident...it just happened!

  5. Your blog does look very pretty! Looks like Chris had a great birthday thanks to you :)

  6. My boyfriend's birthday is October 1st too! I also got him sponge capsules as part of his "silly gifts".


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