MissVioletLace Wig Giveaway (and a WIWT)

**Disclaimer** There has been a lot of evidence against Miss Violet Lace that proves she does not, in fact, hand make her wigs. I have chosen to keep this post up, but I would like you to know that I do not recommend buying from her under any circumstances.

Some of you may have seen that I won the MissVioletLace wig giveaway on Kaelah's blog. Well, I got my box of goodies a few days ago, and I thought I'd share a few photos of my pretty blonde wig! I had the option of picking either a red wig or a honey blonde one, and I picked blonde. I've always always always dreamed of being a blonde, but I've been dyeing my hair black for so long that it would be verrrrry damaging and verrrrry expensive to do it. So, this wig solves that problem! I can just throw it on whenever I feel like changing it up, but I can still keep my dark hair!

Now, I don't know much about wigs, but from what I can tell this one is pretty damn nice! It's super soft, and it feels substantial (meaning it has some weight to it and the hair is thick and full). The color, which MissVioletLace calls 'honey blonde' is so pretty. Chris and I think it has a really subtle pink tint to it. I like that it isn't white blonde, because I think that would look really obviously fake on me. It isn't itchy or anything, which I was kinda nervous about, and the hair is super soft!

I did have some trouble getting the wig on and covering all of my hair, but only because I've never done this before. I finally figured out a way to get my hair covered and the wig cap down far enough to cover my hair line. You can see a tiny bit of my hair where I've parted the bangs, but it sort of just looks like a shadow. I'm not too worried about it!

I feel like a sceenie-weenie with the huge bow, but it's held the bangs to the side better than a bobby pin. The bangs are pretty long, but I'm going to leave them that way and just use a hair pin. I'd love to get one with the short straight-across bangs, another hairstyle I'm loving but too nervous to try!

I think I'd like to buy another wig from MissVioletLace (maybe once the holidays are over), but the next one might have to be a super fun color (I'm thinking teal or turquoise, we shall see!), and maybe a curly one!

Dress: Forever21 ($20ish)
Cardigan: Target ($15 on sale)
Tights: 2 pairs, Target ($5 each)
Socks: Target ($2)
Boots: Target ($40)
Hair Bow: Hot Topic ($5)

I also got a few other goodies in the giveaway package that I haven't photographed. MissVioletLace included a bright blue dreadlock clip, two purple streak clips, a bottle of hair perfume in Cherry Blossom (my choice, it smells so good!), and some surprises like a body mist sample, a pretty hairpin, and a cute purple comb! What a sweetie. I hope you guys check out MissVioletLace's shop, she's got lots of wonderful things there!

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  1. Okay - Im so in love right now!
    Your Hair is superb. I just cant believe its a wig... I NEED one. I cant dye my hair blonde as its way way way too dry to take the peroxide.... Oh boy! This is way too much fun... I can't wait to make my first Wig Purchase from Miss Violet Lace!

    Yours Truly

  2. wow, that does look VERY real. Nice to be able to change things up! The only wig I own is for Irish dancing and that is NOT cool go wear in public.

  3. wow! you look soooo pretty as a blonde. i love the wig. it does look very realistic!

  4. that wig looks amazing on you! I wanted one as soon as I saw KaelahBee's post and now seeing your post just makes me want one even more. I am saving to go see my sister in the uk in march so it will have to wait till after that.

  5. Wow girl, you rock that wig veryyy nicely ♥

    Looks great on you! looks like a pink tint as you said, but in the sun it goes away. Either way you look great!

    Congrats on winning♥



  6. Oh my gosh. I just fell in love with that wig. I soooo want one!! Would you be interested in trading it maybe? Or partial trade and blog ad space or something, lol? :) Please e-mail me! ;)

    shopallbuttonedup at yahoo dot com


  7. I love it, it's amazing and suits you so well. I love the honey colour and as you said it really looks natural and better than a white blonde would I think. I love the first picture especially - so pretty!xx

  8. I'm so jealous! I was SO wanting to win a red wig. But congrats to you. The honey blonde looks really great on you. :)

  9. great wig the blonde looks really pretty on you, i got the curly red one and i love it haven't worn it yet but i think i need to soon lol

  10. This is too super cute! The color is seriously fantastic.

  11. what a lucky win! that wig looks adorable on you, good choice!

  12. I've never done the wig thing, but now that my hair is short, it could be a lot of fun. I'd like some crazy color to wear out to Seattle.

    This one does look pink and its adorable.

    Thanks for sharing.

  13. Very cute! i love your outfit + bow :)


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