Valentine's Day

I'm not the kind of girl that needs flowers and candy and a fancy dinner on Valentine's Day. I'm more in the "it's just another day" group. But I had the day off, and I really wanted to spend some quality time with Chris and do something special (and inexpensive). We planned on running a few quick errands and then heading off to an antique mall not too far from our house, and then getting a bubble tea before heading home where I would cook Chris his favorite dinner (chicken and dumplings!). Of course, nothing went as planned!

I'd been having issues with my car for the last week and a half. I knew I needed an oil change, and last week my car started smoking and the oil light came on. I needed to wait until I got paid to get one, so for a week Chris drove me to and from work or let me borrow his car. I got my oil change last Thursday, and they told me that I had a small coolant leak but that it wasn't serious and I could get it fixed the next time I went to a mechanic. I drove home fine, but later when I was on my way to work I got to the end of my street and my car stalled. It wouldn't start again, so Chris had to push me home (poor boy!). It was super super cold last week, so I thought that maybe since my car sat for the better part of a week it just needed some time to warm up. My dad recommended some winter stuff to add to the gas tank, so I did that on Valentine's day before we started our errands, and everything was working fine. We drove around for about an hour, and instead of going to the antique mall we ended up going home to relax for a while. We went out a couple hours later to get our bubble tea, and we got about halfway there when the oil light came on, as well as the engine temperature light. We were in the middle of nowhere, so we kept driving the direction we were going, and made it a few miles before we noticed a burning smell. We pulled off into a gas station and Chris checked the oil level, but everything was fine. Luckily, the gas station was in the same strip mall as a Meineke, so we got over there to have them check it out. Apparently, the coolant leak that the other guys said wasn't a big deal was, in fact, a HUGE FREAKING DEAL! My car had almost no coolant in it, and was really close to overheating. We got there right before they closed, so we had to leave my car and find a ride home. Chris's dad came and picked us up, and when we were halfway home I realized I forgot to take my house key with me! Luckily (again!) Chris's dad had a spare and we were able to get in. I waiting until the next morning to hear back from the mechanic, and they told me they had to replace some hose and flush the coolant. They also told me that I need to get my timing belt replaced, which is another huge expensive thing... I'm sure you were just glued to your seat reading all the details about my car trouble, but it's just been so frustrating and kind of unbelievable that I had to get it out! I've seriously driven my little yellow Bug for years without having to do anything but get an oil change and check the tires, but now all of a sudden there's a whole bunch of crap going wrong!

So sitting around at the mechanic's was a great way to spend Valentine's Day :) We never did get that bubble tea. When we got home I was so bummed that I wasn't in the mood to cook, so Chris made me a sweet Valentine's-themed peanut butter and jelly sandwhich, and we watched a movie on the couch and cuddled. We did end up baking chocolate chip cookies together before heading off to bed.

baking cookies

Despite all the trouble and expensive car stuff, I had a really good day with Chris. It just goes to show you that no matter what happens, if you've got your best friend by your side things will always be alright.

How was your Valentine's Day?

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  1. Car troubles are the WORST. I swear whenever I go to take my car for an oil change somewhere other than where I bought it 10 other problems come up and are so much $$!!! I'm sorry!!!

  2. Ugh, I hate car troubles. My car has recently been acting like a total pain too. It feels so frustrating because it is hard to get around properly without your own vehicle that you have come to rely on and to repair a vehicle costs so flippin' much. I really hope your car gets better soon.

  3. It seems like a lot of people are having car troubles! Perhaps the cars have decided to stage a revolt?

  4. Ugh, I HATE car trouble. I wish I could never drive again.

    Glad your night turned out okay in the end though<3

  5. aw, i'm sorry to hear about your car troubles but i just LOVE how your day ended. you're absolutely right. doesnt matter what happens, as long as you're with someone you love.. thats all that matters. Despite being annoyed now, I'm sure you two will look back on this and laugh. Have a wonderful day!

  6. Ugh cars suck sometimes. I'm having problem with mine right now as well. Its been in and out of the repair shop for about 2 months now and I don't have the money to get a new *used* car yet. :(

    Anyhow my Valentine's day was pretty uneventful. I worked pretty much all day. I'm like you though, its just another day to me.

    The Sweetest Life

  7. So sorry about all your car troubles and your day's plan being derailed! But so sweet that your BF made that adorable PB&J Heart shaped sandwich!

  8. The near exact same thing happened to me! its the cold weather, the little cars arent up to it, poor things. I havent had a problem with my car since i have had it, and its 12 years old. bam, worst winter in 100 years (u.k.) and my car cant cope, and alas i am out lots of money.

    Love your blog :)

  9. Hi! I just found your blog and I had to comment saying that I've loved browsing through these pictures! Your outfit posts are great! They give me a lot of ideas to freshen up my own wardrobe. Looking forward to coming back and seeing more posts. :-)

  10. I'm so sorry that your Valentine's didn't go as planned. I think that everyone can agree when I say that cars are NOTHING but trouble. At least it wasn't a major major problem like your transmission or engine, and hey! It seems like your day ended up being cute and fun anyway! :D

    P.S. I really do LOVE your new hair <3

  11. Unfortunately I understand your car frustration all too well! Last year i spent so much money on repairing my car, only to have it break down again recently. This time the repair bill would have been over half of what I paid for it, all in one go- so i gave up. Too much money. My poor little car is now sitting in my garage till i figure out the best way to get rid of it :(. Walking & Public transport for me! More money for exciting things though :)


  12. You two are so sweet! i love the photos, you look so pretty, and the heart shaped sandwich is adorable!

  13. Aw I know exactly how you feel my car had never had issues besides oil changes and new tires. So I feel your pain. I hope your car got better.


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