Early Birthday!!

I've been wanting a laptop for quite a while now, and after I mentioned it to Chris a while ago he told me he'd been planning on buying me one for my 25th birthday! Since I figured out the big surprise, we went ahead and got one tonight as an early present (my birthday isn't until June 16th). Chris works at an electronics store and was able to get my laptop at a pretty hefty discount. We also went in on one with my Dad as a gift for my grandma! She uses a really junky old desktop and dial-up! She'll be zipping along the internet now :)

first laptop photo!

I am so beyond excited about it! It even has a webcam! I feel so dorky, I'm always just a bit behind the times when it comes to electronics! I suppose this means I can skype now! I've never done it before :)

Anyways, I love my early birthday present!!

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  1. Woo hoo! What an awesome early bday present Susannah! High five to Chris for being so great.

  2. Lucky lucky, new computers are the best! And I think it's adorable your grandma uses the internet. All my grandparents are still in the typewriter age. I think the internet would blow their minds haha

  3. What a great present! i bet you're smitten. and- omigosh @ skype(!!!)

  4. lol if you're anything like me you'll be curled up on your couch for hours at a time now lol, welcome to the world of comfort. And your cardigan is so CUTE! Where is it from?

  5. I love early presents!
    I want a laptop too!

    Happy Early Miss Gemini <3


  6. Awww how sweet :)

    I remember how excited i was when i got mine.I was like yesssss i can skype now! lol

    Ur really pretty btw :)


  7. what a GREAT blog! if you get the chance could you check mine out and give me some of your opinions on it? you are so inspirational and i would LOVE to see what you think!




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