Thrifted Finds.

I've been having really great luck at the thrift stores lately. A few months ago I wasn't very serious about going to the thrift stores, I would go every once in a while when I was in the area. But now, I've started to go about once a week, and I've definitely noticed that having a routine produces better results! I also have a sort of positive thinking thing I do, where I have a running list of all the stuff I'd love to find, and most times I find something on that list!

susannahbean thrifted finds

These are three of my recent favorite finds. I want to find as many typewriters as I can, I'd love to have four or five to decorate my house with.

Royal Typewriter

My list of things I'd love to find is long, but that way I'm almost guaranteed to find something every time I shop.

Typewriters [two founds so far!]
Cowboy boots [found!]
Jean jacket [found!]
Belts [I can never have enough]
Framed embroideries [two found so far!]
Vintage sheets [still haven't found any]
Kitschy kitchen stuff [found a lot so far :)]
Figurines [owls, little houses...]
Dresses/Sweaters/Shoes [ALWAYS on the hunt]

Some of my list is something I'll look for each time I go, but other things are a one time deal. I'm also searching for furniture, I'd love some mid-century wooden stuff and a formica table, but I'd REALLY love to find a cute sofa!

Thrifted Embroidery

Do you like to go thrifting? What sorts of things do you look for?

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  1. Love the typewriter. It's uber cute.

  2. loving the typewriters! I need to go thrifting!!

    Love your thrift list too :)

  3. I go thrifting pretty much every Friday on my day off. I'm always on the hunt for vintage fabric of any kind. Even if I find it in a mumu or an old dress. If it's bright, bold and funky I buy it. I wash it and rip the seams and think of ideas and projects I want to make with them. I also go for the vintage sheets, vintage housewares.. pretty much anything vintage. And of course shoes and bags.
    Love your Have A Good Day find.. I've been buying stuff like that alot too.

  4. Love the typewriter! i wish i could find something like that!

  5. <3 your finds!

    I'm always on the look out for ties (i use the fabric), old furniture to clean up or upcycle, and books.

    I never have luck with clothes or jewelry though... I should try that list trick next time :)

  6. I love the color of that green pot. SOOOO cute.

  7. I love your finds!the embroidery is lovely :), I go thrifting atleast 2 times a week!, I found an awesome orange typewriter the other day and some vintage frames, I don't think I'll ever stop hehe.

  8. Amazing finds. I'm always weary of thrifting because I normally don't find anything this cute. You scored, i love the embroidered sign.

  9. i love to go thrifting and flea market hunting but sadly nobody else does so i don't get to go much great finds i love old type writters to! i found an old one in my garage i gotta find out old it is so i can find some ribbon for it and use it lol

  10. that have a good day wall hanging is to die for!!!
    i am jealous!

  11. I think the best thing is to go with an idea of what you want otherwise I end up with a million tea cups and saucers because they're just so pretty! Although I don't even need them. I love thrifting, it is great for little things to pretty up the house.

  12. oh i love you're finds!

    one of the main reasons i'm saving up for a car is so i can go thrifting in other towns...haha :)


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