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I'm obsessed with crime shows. Especially ones about serial killers. They fascinate me. I feel like I should have gone into forensics, but I've never been very good in science. 

Forensic Files

Investigation Discovery
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  1. I love Criminal Minds!

  2. ME TOO. i'm obessed with all the CSI shows and law and order, especially SVU. so good.

  3. I could watch blood and guts all day (as a forensic evidence of course lol).

  4. Gah, I'm addicted to ID. I'm just kinda pissed that they keep creating new shows just so they can tell the same stories over and over.

  5. I recently got a forensic science internship... Lots of social media. It's the perfect balance between the two things I'm OBSESSED with.

  6. lol I watch forensic files every night at 10 lol! and I like the case files from dominque dunn too. and I just started watching dexter on dvd!

  7. Me too! I watch a ton of crime shows, and I think Law & Order: CI or SVU and Criminal Minds are my faves. Serial killers are super fascinating as well... Cults too!

  8. Same here ;) love crime shows and crime things on discovery.
    Hope We will get ID here to, seen some bits about it on the other discoveries we do have.


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