My Birthday!

25 things

sorry if it's super quiet!
Check out the guest post I did for Val in honor of her birthday (which was yesterday!) There's a little giveaway too :)
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  1. happy birthday! I loved you video!
    Your voice was not at all like I expected, not that I know what I was expecting.. but you sound so sweet and lovely in real life. I've really enjoyed you facts.
    Hope you have a fantastic day.

  2. Happy Birthday! Your video is adorable, as are you. And 25 is a big deal. Hope you had a wonderful day.

  3. Happy Birthday! You're too cute!

  4. Happy birthday! thanks for sharing this. i feel like i got to know you better!

  5. happy birthday!!!!!!!!!

    loved your video.

  6. you. are. adorable.

  7. OMG you are so cute.

    I love your video. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day.

  8. adorable :)
    you seem very comfortable in front of the camera!

  9. Mr. Littlejeans! Not gonna lie, I got very distracted watching him (I was still listening to you though!). And I'm exactly the same with the whole preferring the left side of my face thing. I have no idea why I do. But if I have a sneaky photo taken from my right side, I'm pretty much guaranteed to hate it.

    I hope you enjoyed your birthday date with Chris!

  10. happy birthday! (yesterday) i hope it was a great one!! ya, it's so easy to fall behind on the 28/25 things posts, haha. i think you did better than me though! you are soooo cute! i loooove the carson story.

  11. I hope you had a fabulous birthday! thanks for phosting in my blog party! I also went to super 8 on my birthday and I love love loved it!!! I seriously felt the same way I did when i saw star wars, or goonies, or et for the first time!!! I hope you enjoyed it also and that your paaaarrtyyy rocked!

  12. happy birthday, birthday twin :)

  13. Happy, happy, happy Birthday! And like everyone else said, you are so cute :)

    Katie x

  14. ahh, me too! I never eat beef or pork :)! but i do eat fish and chicken haha. we should have dinner together, everyone thinks im weird! Happy birthday!!!

  15. i just came across your blog, and you are soo cute!! you little video is very genuine. and thats a good quality to have.
    if you ever feel like stopping by, i'd love to hear from you!

  16. Heeeeey! Ah happy belated birthday! Sorry I'm late! So behind on blog reading... ahhh! I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

    Haha I totally prefer the left side of my body too! But, I am left handed, ha! I always like sitting on the right side of a car, so that my left side is more protected! Same with sitting in a booth!

    Haha I don't mind the smell of skunk, either! It's really not that bad! (And I feel ya on being cheap when it comes to clothes! Haha.)


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