Solemnly Swear

That I will breathe easier.

That I will refrain from speaking ill of others.

That I won't sweat the small stuff.

That I will comment on blogs more.

That I will remember to love even if it seems hard.

That I will be gracious.

That I will take more pictures.

That I will be proud of myself and the things I have accomplished.

That I will appreciate the time I have.

That I will allow myself to get upset.

That when I get upset, I will move on and focus on happiness.

That I will be present. 

Do you have any promises you want to make to yourself?
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  1. I have pretty similar promises! It's so hard to be present, remember to be kind and accepting, and that emotions are fleeting and don't rule you - cooler heads can prevail!
    I love the "comment on blogs more" promise, I've been trying really hard to do this to. I lurk too much! So consider me officially delurkified, and thank you for this post which encouraged me to say "Hi!". It definitely struck a few chords!

  2. I promise that I'll finish whatever I start.
    I promise to never give up or atleast try not to be too disappointed when something doesn't work out.

  3. two big ones for me right now:

    that I will under-promise & over-deliver

    that I will see things to completion or at least come up with a very good reason not to finish.

    I'm a superbig fan of a blog called the fluent self, esp. when i'm in a getting-un-stuckified kinda mood. :)

  4. This is a great post!
    I have promises too, mainly to make myself happy and live a positive life

  5. I promise to forgive and let go! A two for one :). I love all that you promise to do I try to remember so many of those as well.

  6. thanks for sharing this Susanna! I feel i need to do a lot of the things on your list as well!

  7. that i will be more forgiving and less harsh on myself

    that i will accept that some things are out of my control

    that i will appreciate my friends and family more

    that i will be stronger


  8. Uh, can I steal these ones?! Kidding. But this is such a great list!

  9. I loved your post, that I borrowed it. I totally gave you credit though:)


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