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Hello lovelies! I've been having such a rough time staying on schedule lately! Do you ever have a span of a few weeks where you just feel like you can't keep track of anything, no matter how hard you try? I've always felt like I was someone who didn't need a schedule or routine to feel centered, but I'm starting to realize that I really do need a sense of regularity to feel right. I've been all thrown off ever since my birthday, with taking extra time off, having visitors, then the holidays, a weird schedule at work covering for someone who was on vacation, and then this week I finally got back to my regular schedule and our power was out for a day and a half! We woke up at 7:30 am on Monday to our smoke alarms going off, one of which was 15 feet off the ground, and another was in the unfinished crawl space under our house... We ended up having a really fun day (that ended in our first bowling adventure together EVER! Besides Wii bowling, ha!). Hopefully after this week I'll be able to relax. I'm really hoping that I can get back into my groove soon!

Today I'd like to share a new Connections post with you! Stephanie and Jackie are so hilarious, and I know you'll enjoy reading their answers!
Stephanie and Jackie
Names: Stephanie and Jackie

1. How long have you known each other? How did your friendship begin? 
Stephanie: We've known each other for almost a whole year! Last fall, I signed up for the site 20sb.net (20-Something Bloggers) and Jackie was one of my first "friends" on the site. She quickly started following my blog, and I, hers. We were fast friends! She entered some AWESOME travel inspired items in my huge giveaway last December, and as a result ended up consulting with me (her lovely internet-know-it-all blogging friend.) It all started through email. She'd ask questions and I'd answer and then I took the plunge - and IMed her on Google Chat. I felt like a creep, but she was cool with it. EVENTUALLY, we befriended each other on Facebook and that let to my awkwardly asking her for her digits. Pretty sure I used an awesome friend pick up line like: "Are you from Tennessee? Cos you're the only 10 I see..." Just kidding. But for serious. Cliche, but I feel like I've known her forevs. She rules. 

Jackie: Stephanie and I have known each other for several months now.  It started as most of my friendships start, with stalking and me being awkward. Unlike most, Stephanie found this to be charming.
2. How do you two normally communicate?
Stephanie: Primarily, we talk via text messaging and also Facebook chat. We sometimes have ridiculous conversations about David Duchovny. And his amazingness. 
[oh girls, I understand the Duchovny love! source]
Jackie: We started communicating via blog comments, and then progressed to g-chat and facebook, and finally took the plunge and started texting! Now I send her creepy texts all day.

3. Have you met in person? What was it like to meet that person face to face for the first time? If not, do you plan to?
Stephanie: We have not yet met in person, but Jackie, being the amazing friend that she is, has GRACIOUSLY offered to let the boyfriend and I crash at her apartment in August while we attend Lollapalooza. Basically, my plan is to spend as little time as possible at the festival and have as much girl time as possible. Because, duh. She conveniently lives in Chicago, which is an amazing city, and I can't wait to see it! And her! Don't worry, I plan on showering her with gifts because she is amazing. 

Jackie: We plan to drink a lot of wine, have a lot of girl talk, and we will probably decide we should never be apart again.
4. How is your internet friendship different from friendships you have offline?
Stephanie: This internet friendship is probably the most serious (is that the correct adjective?) that I have ever had. I am pretty sure I have never (ever) exchanged phone numbers or Facebooked with someone that I met through a blog before. I have many online blog friends but that are not "blog friends, irl," as Jackie and I creatively call ourselves. Also, as far as offline friends? This friendship is pretty awesome because, unlike other friendships (offline) there's not a constant pressure to "make time" for each other. We are both pretty easy going and get along really well, so it's very laid back and fun. Just, FUN. Basically, it rules. 

Jackie: In a lot of ways, I feel like it's the same, at least for me. I just moved to a new city and so I don't have many friends here yet, so it isn't weird to me that she isn't in the same city as me, because none of my close friends are in the same city as me. She really just feels like a friend that I've had for a long time and that I get along with really well, and I never really think about the fact that we met online and haven't actually seen each other in person yet.
5. What drew you to the other person initially? What do you love most about them?
Stephanie: Jackie is the female version of my best guy friend. This makes her infinitely more awesome because she is a girl and not an awkward guy. Also, she is snarky (like me) and funny. She's totally sarcastic and 9 times out of 10, I am LOLing irl. Was that too many internet abbreviations? Sorry, guys. Also, she likes movies and Netflix and blogging and crafting. This means we have a lot in common which equals a lot to talk about. I love that her blog is quirky and light hearted and it makes me laugh. We are both at the same point in our lives (young, newly graduated + employed, no kids, no time) so we really understand each other. 

Jackie: I think she's adorable, and I was really jealous of her cute blog design when I first stumbled upon her. She's also just a really genuinely nice person, and it makes me want to get to know her more. You don't always get to meet such a genuinely nice person so easily. She is very thoughtful, funny, and easy to talk to, and I think we're on the same page about a lot of things in terms of blogging, friendships, where we are in our lives, and where we see ourselves going. She has been a very comforting friend to have when I've been trying to adapt to an unfamiliar city and unfamiliar people.
6. Do you have any other thoughts about the role the internet plays in building new relationships?
Stephanie: I think the internet, especially blogs and communities like 20sb.net are amazing ways to get in touch with people who have similar interests as you do. I really think that Twitter is, hands down, one of the most instrumental ways to make friends around the world. In most cases, I enjoy talking to people on Twitter, whom I don't know irl, more than I do on Facebook. I'm SO glad I got the opportunity to meet Jackie and to learn more about her. Also, I am glad she wasn't creeped out when I asked her for her phone number. ;) 

Jackie: I think that as the internet continues to develop, it is changing the way we interact with everything in our lives; I don't see why our relationships with people should be any less affected. I think that a lot of people my age have sort of become used to this idea; I remember having a penpal that I met through a different website when I was first starting high school, and that was over eight years ago. It has almost always been there as a way for us to explore the world and discover new people, and I think that the recent, sudden increase in blogging (and in female blogging, in particular) is encouraging this branching out and this feeling of camaraderie between people, especially women, on the internet.

Thanks so much to Stephanie and Jackie for participating! Jackie really hit the nail on the head in her last answer, I think. Blogging can be such an amazing tool for finding a community where you belong, even if it is with strangers you may never meet. My internet-friends (whatever level of closeness we have between ourselves) are usually the most supportive friends I have. I cherish that, and I agree with Jackie, the sense of camaraderie that I've found through blogging is something I've never experienced before in my life. I hope you check out these lovely ladies' blogs! And maybe I can crash your girl-time when Stephanie visits Chicago :)
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  1. I LOVED doing this and I loved reading it even more. I <3 Jackie, you all should read her blog and get to know her but not steal her from me. Also, Susannah, you are amazing. <3

  2. The crazy conversations I have about David Duchovny are unhealthy! Even my mom snail mails me torn out magazine photos and articles and ads featuring him!

  3. What a fantastic story ladies. This was super fun to read! :)

  4. i found your blog via stephanie and i really like it! happy to be a new follower.


  5. Hi susannahbean I just happened to your blog while looking at Laurens FB. I love your blogs and your "goods". I think that you are a BEauTiFuL woman and have a lot to offer to the world.

    Peace and Blessings
    Eileen (Laurens mom........the other one), actually Kyles mom. :-)


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