Thrifted finds.

I've been working a lot this last week, so I haven't had any time or energy to do much of anything. But I finally have a day off, and I'm trying to get an even amount of productivity and relaxation in. I already got my license plates renewed, paid my rent, ate lunch, and got some knitting done. I'm gonna hit the thrift stores soon, and hopefully I can squeeze in a Starbucks run (I finally found "my drink" at Starbucks! Iced Caramel macchiato, upside down, with an extra shot... YUM!).

I've been having a good-luck streak at the thrift stores lately! Here's some of my favorites...

thrifted finds

coffee embroidery

popcorn embroidery

tea and donuts embroidery

bless this mess embroidery
I'm feeling fancy today with my red lipstick! I took about 70 Myspace-y style photos with my camera trying to get one that looked decent, but they were all awful. I took two with my iPhone and got better results! Someone get this girl a tripod (and remote)!!

What are your favorite things to find at the thrift stores? What's your gameplan when you thrift?
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  1. Gasp! The 3rd and 4th pictures, my mom found those exact same embroideries in a flea market, and I've been drooling over them since!

    I never go into the thrift store with a gameplan, haha. I just start rifling through everything and hope I find good stuff!

    Your red lipstick looks adorable, by the way!

  2. looking gorgeous!!!

    congrats on the thrifty-ness. I love the bless this mess frame.

  3. I have have any luck thrifting.

    I love all those embroidered pieces.

  4. all of those embroideries are too cute. i'm trying to score some like that myself. you definitely rock the red lipstick! <3 r

  5. What fun funds! I never find anything awesome at thrift stores...just recycled Walmart crap.

  6. I'm so sad thrift stores only sell clothes here in Hungary, I'd love some old mugs and plates like you guys always find. :) The Bless This Mess embroidery is so funny! I can imagine a teenage girl in the 70's working on it! :)

  7. You look gorgeous! <3

    As for me, my favourite things to go thrifting for are shoes and belts. I also like looking for cool furniture but I'm having no luck in that category lately.

  8. You look so pretty, and I love the globe!

  9. That globe is so cool! My boss is a thrifting/vintage goddess and said that vintage globes are supposed to be really valuable.
    I love to find cheap clothes with potential to alter when I'm thrifting usually. I think I have the best luck when I go on a road trip and stop at little thrift stores in sleepy towns. Where I'm living now everything is picked over by the time I get up!


  10. I love the cross stitched finds. It reminds me of my Gram's house. :)
    I love thrifting with a pal because who else will you be able to share the "Whoa! This is crazy!!" or "Who wore this?!" moments. Not fun when you are alone. Plus, I like going during the week so I'm not run over by people.

  11. OMG, love the coffee cross stitch. I'd hang that in my kitchen. When I thrift I look for clothes clothes CLOTHES. I find older clothes to be made better and they're usually more interesting :)


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