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You guys should check out the feature post I did over at Windshield Diaries! I got to talk alllllll about how Mr. Littlejeans came into our lives (my favorite subject!). I think Blogging Buddies is such an awesome feature, I love love love hearing about people and their pets! Thank you so much for having me, Crystal!

It's been an exciting couple of days in the Bean household! I've been working like crazy getting my Etsy shop up and running (again), and things have started out better than I expected! I seriously cannot thank you guys enough for all the love. Warms my heart :) I've been working on some new colors, too, so expect those soon!

My sister went into the hospital, and although she didn't have the baby yet, he's definitely coming soon! I went down to her house to hang out with her and our mom to finish up the nursery. We made one last pretty thing to hang in his room, and it turned out so cute! I'll share photos soon :)

Kaelah and Mike are coming out next week and I seriously can't wait! We have so much fun, ridiculous stuff planned! One of those fantastic things is we're going to film a vlog together! It's gonna be the silliest and most awkward thing ever, but it'll be fun :) BUT!!! We need your help! Do you have any questions for us to answer?? Anything you've ever wanted to ask either one of us, or both of us? Leave them in the comments and we'll be sure to answer them!
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  1. So exciting for your sister! :)

    A question for your vlog: what would you do if you could swap your lives for a day? So Kaelah would be Susannah and Susannah would be Kaelah, what thing in the other person's life would you definitely do?

  2. OOh a vlog,how fun! Um,that was a really good question above so I can't think of one at the moment but if I do then I'll comment again. :D What is your nephew's name going to be? I don't think I've heard/read about that,although I could be wrong.

  3. How exciting! Hopefully the baby comes soon!

  4. Loved the post about you and your keeter! And cant wait to see the vlog :) I guess my question is, if someone was going to make a movie about the two of you, who would play either/both of you? And if you could have any job, regardless of school or money or anything, what would that be?

  5. My question would be: You girls always wear SO many pretty dresses! Do you really have time to shave your legs ever single day, or do you sometimes rock a little fuzz? =]

  6. I bought this dress (inspired by both of you) but now i have no idea how to wear it :( Im curious how each of you would style it into an outfit http://www.flickr.com/photos/39907761@N03/6110142754/

  7. Question for you two: if you guys hadn't met online and had seen eachother in a bar, for example (or anywhere out in public!) do you think you would have approached eachother? If you had, or if someone had introduced you, do you think you'd be as close as you are now?
    Also, if Wife Swap came knocking on your door and asked you to trade boyfriends for a week (obviously without the physical stuff!), would you two do it?!


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