A little Etsy news.

I'm excited to show you a sneak peek of some new colors that I'll be adding to my shop soon! I've got Bombshells ready to list in black, cream, pumpkin, avocado, gray, coral, chocolate brown, and butter yellow. I just need to take listing pictures and they'll be ready to go!
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I'll add Big Bows and Blooms in these colors as I finish them! If you're interested in getting a Big Bow or Bloom in one of the new colors before I list it, just shoot me a message on Etsy and I can set it up for you!

The other little bit of Etsy news is that on October 1st I'll be changing the prices of everything in the shop from their introductory price ($18) to their regular price ($22). So snatch 'em up while you can!

If you have any questions at all, feel free to email me or contact me on Etsy!
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  1. Exciting!! I keep meaning to go order one!! I LOVE these!!! And since I live in alaska and we're expecting our first snow on SUNDAY :(
    I could use at least one of these!

  2. look at you blowing up etsy world with those bombshells (no pun intended - okay, maybe it was ;)). love it!

  3. Definitively going to pick up one of the Bombshell pieces in the pumpkin color :)


  4. set #2 had wonderful colors
    i wished i lived in a cold area!


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