Pretty cake.

I don't have much to update you on, I've been busy working my real job and working on Etsy stuff and haven't had the time or motivation to get dressed up and take pictures :) Here's a little peek into the birthday celebration we had for my niece Vivianrose, though, because my sister Lauren made the prettiest winter themed cake! My niece (and sister Cara) just moved from California to Wisconsin, so this winter will Vivianrose's first! We did all winter themed gifts, a huge sled, snow boots, and a lovely headband from my shop :)

How was your weekend?
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  1. What a sweet party! They're going to have such a fun winter! <3

  2. Ohhh...what a sweet and adorable cake...not to mention a sweet name of your niece...I love it! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  3. um cutest theme party ever?!?! if we move to chicago can we have a winter themed party?!?!? ;) miss you!


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