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As you may have heard me mention, Chris and I are going to be leaving the charming little house we live in for another charming (littlER) house at the end of the month. Don't laugh, but we're moving like five or six houses down the street...! And, we're moving in directly next door to Chris's dad and stepmom. I know, I know, sounds kinda weird, but we love our neighborhood so much, and the house we're moving into is a much more manageable size (which means a more manageable price tag, too!). Our current rental has an upstairs that is supposed to be our shared craft room, but really we never use it. We've dubbed it Jeansy's room because he's the only one that's ever up there :) It's just become a catch-all for our junk, and we don't need to be paying so much in rent for a room we never use.

But, the flip-side of this coin is that I'm pretty nervous about moving into a smaller place. We've lived in this house for two years, and I've grown accustomed to the open floorplan and extra storage. Yes, we haven't used our space in the most efficient manner, but that doesn't mean I'm pumped to let go of it. So, I've been scouring Pinterest and similar websites to get some inspiration so that I can get a little excited about moving. Since our space is so much smaller I'm going to really have to put some thought into how I decorate each room, it'll be really easy to make it look cluttered and haphazard. Here are some images from around the web that are getting me excited about decorating a new space! [all images came from my Home board on Pinterest, but I've linked to the original underneath when possible. If you know the source for the Pinterest links please let me know!].

I love everything about this room. I doubt Chris would go for the ruffled couch, but this is straight outta my dream house.

I'm not the biggest fan of twinkly lights, but this headboard is amazing. [source]

YOU GUYS! I'm gonna have a bathtub again! I'd love to have this pretty yellow tub, but I'll settle for that ruffled shower curtain. [source]

This color scheme is right up my alley! And that mirror above the bed is fantastic. (That headboard isn't my favorite, though... White wrought iron would be better!). [source]

Everything about this is amazing. I'd die for a vintage headboard like that! And those floors are pretty amazing too. [source]

I'm a huge fan of mustard yellow and tufted couches. So, this is perfect. [source]

This whole thing is fabulous. I'm desperate to use my vintage bedding in our room, but Chris isn't thrilled about it (he's not a huge vintage lover, he likes things to be brand new and not worn/loved/used by someone else who did who-knows-what with it. Weirdo.) [source]

Now, if only I had a bottomless bank account to make this happen! Do you have any favorite home decor resources? I'd love to hear them!
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  1. Congrats on having a bath tub again, not sure I could of lived without one. Love the pictures above, some great ideas indeed!


  2. Love all this inspiration, it really makes me want to do a bedroom redo :) Moving into a smaller space can be a little difficult at first but then you get pretty use to it. My fiance and I just recently decided to move into our little 150sqft cabin while we try to finish the house we are building. And it has actually been pretty wonderful so far!

    Cannot wait to see some pictures of your new place!

    Little Lady Little City

    1. amanda! that pretty yellow tub reminded me of your newly painted yellow door. hehe. then i saw your comment! :-P

  3. I LOVE that shower curtain!! It looks so nice! Congrats on having a bathtub again.

  4. love everything in this post! especially the bright yellow claw-foot tub. it's amazing!

  5. I love that mint green cast iron bed and floral bed! I have a cast iron and it is painted black. I might have to give it a lil pastel makeover now:)

  6. I love the colours in the bedspread in the photo with the polaroids on the wall. It's so vibrant!


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