a bit late.

a few years ago i resolved to not make resolutions for the new year. too many failed diets and lofty goals that ended up making me feel worse instead of better. but this year i've been seeing lots of knit-bloggers writing up lists of goals for their knitting life. i know i'm a little late, but i've come up with a few things to shoot for.

1. in 2008 i tried to stick to one project at a time and be diligent about the knitting. i think i ended up burning myself out with this stratgey, which did lead to some other great craft attempts (more on that later!), but i really didn't knit as much as i wanted to. so for 2009, i don't want to put any restrictions on myself in terms of how many projects i can work on at once. the only caveat is that i (generally) want to finish what i start. i hate hate hate having piles of unfinished pieces laying around, they're sort of like sad little orphans to me.

2. in 2008 i really wanted to tackle big projects. i did okay with this (i knit three adult sweaters, two baby sweaters, and two lace shawls), but when winter came i ended up with hardly any accessories! i want to knit more quickie projects in between big things, or at the same time... (sidenote: linking those projects made me realize that i am REALLY bad at posting finished photos! sorry!!).

3. i want to buy better yarn. i fell into a routine with cascade 22o, which i still love, but i want to branch out. i really love handpainted and kettle dyed yarn, and have a long list of brands i want to try out. cascade will still be my standby, don't get me wrong. most of my issue has been with availability and price. i don't really like buying yarn online without seeing and feeling it in person, but the two yarn shops around here mainly stock the workhorse yarns, not too much else. i'll be employed soon, and i'll hopefully be more accepting of spending more money on my stash.

4. i want to get better at spinning. right now i only have a drop spindle, but i've been practicing more lately. my first attempt went okay, but i really want to get useable yarn out of it. i would love to get a spindle someday, but that's a pie-in-the-sky kind of thing right now!

5. of course i'm going to say i want to maintain my blog better. i do plan to do this one! i also want to start taking better photos. when i graduated high school, my dad bought me a canon digital rebel eos 6mp camera, which was amazing, but it was too big to use on a day to day basis. i couldn't bring it with me to most places, so for my birthday this year i gave that one back to my dad and got a much sleeker canon powershot sd870is digital elph. it's great having a smaller camera, and it takes great photos, but i miss my big camera! i may try to work something out with my dad... i also really need to work on my lighting and composition, as well as getting over my awkwardness in having photos taken of me... maybe i should try a 365 thing?

i think that's a good list so far, we'll see how well i stick to the plan!

xo, sus


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