i had trouble sleeping last night, and when that happens my brain swims with plans that i think i should be carrying out instead of trying to sleep. my plan for last night, which i accomplished (sort of) at about four this morning, was to move my blog over to wordpress. i've always liked the look of the wordpress blogs i read, and it seems more professional than blogger. i want to be taking my blog more seriously, and i figured wordpress would enable me to do so. so, i created a blog over there, transferred all my posts, and tried for a long time to get it looking how i wanted. i'm not sure if it was just me being painfully tired but oh-so awake, or maybe i'm just used to blogger, but i could not get myself to like the wordpress system! i couldn't find a layout i liked, and i got really frustrated with the whole thing. the entire time i was starting the wordpress blog i was redecorating this one, which made me like it a little more.

maybe once i feel more rested and i can think more about it i'll decide to move over to wordpress, but for now i'm sticking to blogger. i did change the url for this thing, so please update anything that you would need to update! if and when i decide to move, i'll put a post up here letting you know.

if you have an opinion either for or against a move, please let me know! i'm so on the fence about it, which is silly, but i really can't decide!



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