as promised...

remember this post? i finished the shawl a little while ago. it's super cute...

pattern: textured shawl recipe (ravelry link)
yarn and needles: sundara aran silky merino; us 9
start date/end date: june-ish

i really loved working with this yarn... the only issue i had was when i tried winding it from the hank on my ball winder, i don't know... something about the slipperiness of the silk made it impossible to keep in a cake. so the last ball had to suffer through my frustration and i sacrificed about a third of it. the pattern was great, i sorta made up my rows as i went along. i didn't like the way i cast on, which i don't really remember. maybe casting on five or something.... maybe seven... who knows. but it made the nape of the neck sorta rounded and it looks weird. still though. love.


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