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I've been dreaming about making a quilt for our bed for a few years now... Now that I finally have a sewing machine I think it's time to get started! My grandma Jane has quilted forever, so when I go home next I'm going to have her help me out a little. I need to know the basics, like... how much fabric do you need?! I get the principles of sewing together squares, but how do you go about making it into an actual quilt?! In my head I have this idea that I could just whip it together, but we all know that in reality it's a *little* bit more difficult! Anyway, here's some of my inspiration...

... from Urban Outfitters. I am so totally in love with this one, the fabric combinations are killer!!

When I saw Silje's finished quilt I knew I had to get started! I looooove her color choices! This is the kind of style I want to do, big pops of color on a neutral background... Love it!

Here's a closeup of Silje's quilt...

These are pretty much exactly the colors I want to use, and I love all the patterns! Ugh I can't wait to start!!!! Check out afabricoutlet on Etsy, I love her shop!

If anyone has any advice feel free to share!!!



  1. I have no advice...though my mom was a quilter, and after having seen her in action with it my advice to myself would be: "it's too much work!" ;)

  2. I have absolutely no advice either, but the quilts you have in your pictures are beautiful.

    Actually come to think of it, www.purlshoho.com has some stuff on quilting I think, you should check there.

    Also, I'm your follower now haha!


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