sunny day zoo time (image heavy!!)

Yesterday was the first nice day of the year, the first one that made it seem like springtime. Chris and I went to a little zoo in town with our friends Jason, Arlene, and Tomas, and it couldn't have been more fun! I love sunny days outside! I'm bummed though, Chris used our little digital camera the whole day and neither of us realized it was still in etsy-product-photo mode (digital macro with an adjusted white balance), so all of the photos turned out blue and a little pixelated. I cleaned them up a little bit, and it made it easier to adjust the color to that cute vintage look, but still... bummed!

Wallaroos! These things are so adorable, and they're in an open pen that has a barely fenced path that they can jump over, sometimes right in front of you!! I want to catch one, but that's a no-no.

I was so excited to use my Diana F+ for the first time (outside of pictures of my cat). However, drama ensued.

My Veruca Salt impression, "I want a wallaroo!!!!"

We got to see the sea lions get fed, and the lady kept throwing the fish right near us.

This little guy was cute!

So this picture is super blurry, but it was the best I could get... I had my Diana around my neck and every time I went up to these little monkeys they'd come right over and look at my camera! I think it was the shiny/glittery look of the inside of the flash that they liked.

I finished a roll of film, and of course I had no idea how to wind it back up. I haven't used a real-film camera in YEARS! Arlene and I were trying to figure out what to do, and may have overexposed the whole roll... We will soon find out!!

We had to enlist Jason to help... Seriously, this was the silliest thing! Three college kids, one of whom is a photography minor, and we couldn't get it!

I think I had just figured it out... There's a little knob that you have to pull out, DUH!

The creepy carousel that NEVER runs! Complete with raptors carrying knives... ?!

What do you love to do on sunny spring days??



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