new etsy stuff!

Hello pretties! I listed a bunch of new stuff in my shop, check it out!!

In other news... there isn't much! I've been feeling overwhelmed lately. Chris and I are moving the first week of May, and it's getting to that point in time where we should be starting to pack and get ready to leave our little apartment. I guess I'm feeling a little anxious... about packing and little things like that, but also the whole move in general. We're sort of leaving the 'college' bracket of our lives and moving into the 'adult' bracket. It's scary! It'll definitely be an adjustment. It's hard for me especially, I really don't like surprises, and there are a wholllllle lot of 'ifs' coming up! We'll see what happens, hopefully you guys will be there with me!


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  1. hi. i found you on ravelry, and i'm glad i did. i like your style and i love these pillows. off to check out your etsy shop!


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