ahhh getting so close!

We are getting super super close to our move-out/move-in day and I'm starting to get really anxious! Things are going to be really good, but I'm so used to living in this town. Even though we're moving back to the area where we grew up, I feel like I don't know that place anymore. It hasn't been 'home' in so long... Things have gotten a teensy bit weird with our neighbor, too. Our house was once a regular single family home, but eventually it was split into a sort of small two bedroom house and a studio apartment. The apartment is just like a slice off of one side of the house, it's almost like it got stuck on as an afterthought. Right now, Chris's dad and stepmom are living in the house part (that we will be moving into) because they're renovating their house (which is right down the street). So anyway, a new lady moved in there a few weeks ago and is asking if she can use a bunch of our amenities. I guess she has been asking Chris's parents if she can use the laundry room when we move in. The room is connected to our kitchen but also has a side door to the outside. At first we thought that we would say yes, just to be nice people and to prevent any animosity. But the landlord wouldn't agree to put in locks for us, she said we'd have to pay for it. So while we're going back and forth about this, the tenant asks if she can use the deck and shed in our yard. The deck is on the opposite side from her apartment, and is connected to our dining room, and there are a few big windows that look out over it. The shed is in our yard, she has her own little yard. It just got weird, and I don't feel comfortable having this lady I don't know hanging out on our porch. To us, it would be like asking your neighbor across the street if you could use their deck or laundry room. There's nothing about this property that makes it communal, it's very much two separate living spaces. So... we've been dealing with all this stuff and worrying about jobs and all that business, so I've been getting a little stressed!

BUT! I found a new addictive hobby to relieve some stress! I've been making yoyos like crazy! I've made them into these adorable little headbands that I've been wearing every single day, and I put some up in my Etsy shop for you guys! Hope you like them!!

We're going to start packing soon, but not until after my sister and brother-in-law visit this weekend! So excited!



  1. YEEEEaaaah... I wouldn't let her use either one... Not to mention the rent she pays isn't inclussive of the use of the deck or the laundry. Your's would. Even so its kind of invasive just due to the fact that you don't even know the lady. Family is one thing but someone you haven't even met....

    Good luck with your move :)


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