What I Wore Today!

After I posted the photos of our house, Chris and I went out to get lunch. We wanted to go to Chipotle but the one we went to is under construction! We were bummed, and starving. We kinda live in the middle of nowhere, our town is really small, and we had already gone twenty minutes in one direction, but we doubled back to where we live and went twenty minutes in the other direction and ended up at a little Mexican restaurant called Tacos El Norte, which is in the town where Chris and I grew up. This place has been around forever and it's sort of legendary in these parts, but for some reason I'd never been there. Let me just tell you, it was amazing! I got a chicken burrito with beans and rice and cheese (really plain, I know... I eat like a little kid), and Chris got a burrito with chicken a la coca cola (I think that's what they called it), it was really smoky/spicy... totally Chris's thing! We ended up splitting a flan and a horchada too! Sooooooo good. And cheap! We got two huge burritos, chips and salsa, sodas, and the desserts for like $12. Pretty awesome.

It's so amazingly beautiful out today so we took a walk when we got home. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it, but there's a lake at the end of our street. It's maybe 100-150 feet away from our driveway. Right now it's closed because of the recent flooding we've had here, so there aren't many boats on it. Eventually Chris's dad and bonus mom will have their boats on it and we have access to them too!

Anyway, here's my outfit of the day. I really love dresses, but it's a recent thing, maybe the past year? Of course, this past year has been my most budgeted one of all, so I've only accumulated like three nice dresses, one of which is this one from modcloth...

Dress: modcloth ($48 I think)
tights: (no clue where they're from, probably no more than $5)
flats: Target ($12)
sunglasses: (my faves, $5)

I'm really trying to be more comfortable with my shape lately. I've struggled for so long with how I look, and I still do, but I'm so over being upset about it. I normally wear this dress with a cardigan because I really don't like my upper arms, but it was so hot out today that I said "screw it". I ended up feeling fine about it, instead of being overly self conscious.

I dyed my hair today too. I got my hair dye on sale at Walgreen's the other day, which was awesome! I desperately need a hair cut though. I cut my bangs and they turned out alright, not exactly how I'd like them to look but it's as good as I can do. I can really tell when I need to trim my hair when my tease doesn't hold at all. I tease my hair everyday, and if it's healthy and all the dead weight is trimmed away I don't have to do too much to make it huge, but lately I've had to work so hard to get it to hold, and it still falls a few hours later! Bummer. Soon enough I'll be able to afford a haircut, and I'm thinking of just going to Great Clips or something instead of my regular salon. I used to spend over $100 on a hair cut/dye, but I really can't justify that anymore.

I'm off to enjoy some crocheting in the sun now... I love you all!

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  1. You are crazy! You look wonderful!

    I would kill to have curves!


  2. Thank you dearie! That totally made me blush!!


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  4. You look adorable! And I totally know what you mean about striving to be more comfortable with your shape. I'm going through the same thing right now. :( Its no fun. Annnnd I totally get you about not liking your upper arms, (though honestly sweetpea it doesn't look like you have ANYTHING to worry about!) I totally hate mine and won't wear tank tops or most short sleeves. Its just stupid, I need to get over it. ANYWAY, though all that I wanted to say thaaaaat you look beautiful! Love this outfit@


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