My little house! (Lots of photos!)

I've been thinking for a while about whether or not I should share what our new home looks like. A lot of fellow bloggers have been feeling that less is more when it comes to what you should share on the internet, but I don't think I'm going to hold back as much as others might feel they have to. I've generally done the whole 'blog in past tense' thing, mainly because I'm never quite sure when something blog worthy will happen! I don't do twitter, and my facebook is for people I know in real life only, plus I barely ever update my status there. Don't get me wrong, I won't be sharing EVERYTHING on the internet, I'm no idiot. But I think that showing off a few pictures of my house is no big deal. So, here they are!

We have a lot of organizing to do still. I wanted to post pictures of our place when it was in top form, but that would be lying to you guys. I'm not a very neat person, neither is Chris. We keep it clean, but we usually have stuff laying around, like my newest crochet project- it will never be in its place, actually it doesn't even have a correct place right now, so I guess the coffee table is as good as anything! I don't mind showing it in it's cluttered state, I'm never going to have one of those perfectly staged homes that looks like it could be in a magazine... And I'm ok with that!!!

living room (with our easy chairs! love them)

kitchen peninsula (our bedroom is the open door on the right,
but it is definitely too messy to show!)

dining nook (we still have to buy a table. Jeans loves these windows!)

kitchen (with skylights!)

entryway/front door/stairs area

stairs (with family photos and raptors)

Chris found this ship painting at a garage sale!

upstairs, in what will someday be the craft room

Chris setting up his drums (he's so happy he can play again!)

front of the house, I love these poppies!

backyard with the huge shed


living room (I think we need another bookshelf, this one is sooo packed!)

Where I am currently sitting!

We have a lot of work to do still, but I really love this little place! We've had so many weird moments of not knowing where each other are, or where Jeans is, it's so bizarre for us to have this much room! Our apartment was so small, and it's not like our house is a mansion, I think most people would think it's *too* small, but it's great for us. We were really fortunate to have a lot of help from Chris's dad and bonus mom (she doesn't like to be called stepmom!), they gave us a lot of their old furniture and we really would have almost nothing if it weren't for them! We really appreciate all the help they've given us, we are beyond lucky to have them!

I have the day off, and I think Chris and I might go splurge on lunch! We've been on such a tight budget, but I think we can afford a nice meal! And by nice, I mean Chipotle, which is under $10!!

Hope you're having a beautiful day!

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  1. Very cute! Thank you for sharing pics!

  2. I love all the windows. Did you buy this home? Or are you renting?

  3. Nice house, really homely and cosy looking!

  4. Thanks everyone!

    @EVA: The windows were a huge draw for us too, at our last apartment we didn't have many windows plus the roof hung so far over that we got almost no natural light! We had the lights on all day long. We are renting this place for now, but in the next few years we will be buying something! xoxo

  5. oh my goodness i am so in love with it! the quaintness and the color! that yellow is to dieeee for! love love love! xox

  6. I love your place! Soo cute. I love the Raptors on the wall, but they are the dinosaur I'm most scared of.



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