What's in my bag?

You asked for it! I cheated a little, I cleaned it out before taking pictures. Just imaging this stuff plus three Sharpies, a wrench, six other pens, and a whoooollle bunch of old receipts and shopping lists!

*Mini voodoo doll from a toy machine in the lobby of our favorite sushi place
*Acid reducer pills
*mini contact solution bottle
*business card holder with cards
*two rolls of film taken with my Diana F+
*random candy and mints
*camera charger
*car keys
*change that was floating around the bottom of my purse (including pesos, from my Mexico trip last January!)
*weird car toy from a McDonald's Happy Meal I'm saving for my little brother
*peacock compact mirror
*chapsticks (I don't do lipgloss, I wish I could find a good one though!)
*Trident gum
*Pier 1 hand lotion
*hand crocheted sunglasses case
*two pairs of sunglasses (I only wear the orange ones)
*lipsticks (Mac and L'Oreal)
*beaded skull zipper bag (the lipsticks go in there)
*cell phone

What's in your bag???

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  1. these are my favorite kinds of posts! :D it tells you SO much about the person! <3


  2. You had a wrench in your purse? That's awesome. Seriously.

  3. how much does that thing weigh!!!! lol -- that's how I am too, so much stuff, once I had 15 lipglosses in it and didn't even realize it! lol


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