the last few days...

The last few days have really been a blast. One of Chris's best childhood friends Tom came up from Florida for a wedding and we've been able to spend a lot of time with him. Chris had a pretty tight group of friends that stuck together from gradeschool until now. Most of them have moved away from home but they've been able to stay close regardless of how far apart they are. A few of the other guys came out to visit with Tom, and we've just had a really great couple of days reconnecting with old friends.

Here's Chris, Tom, and Jeff
(Chris can't make a decent face in pictures to save his life)

Tommy crashed at our house last night, so we had a very relaxing morning just talking and reminiscing, and then we went out for lunch at a cute little diner in town. I always get an open faced hot turkey sandwich, but I really need to stop getting it because it makes me so sleepy after only a few bites! I'm ready for a nap... I finally got to wear an amazing sweater I got at a garage sale a while ago, I love love love it so much!

Cardigan: garage sale, $1.50
T-shirt: Target, $5
Jeans (not pictured): PacSun, maybe $25
Sandals (not pictured): Target, $13

Jeff and his girlfriend Emily are coming over soon and we're going to grill out, even though it's still raining (for like the third day in a row!) and then we plan on watching Crazy Heart! So excited.

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