New perfume and new friends.

A few days ago Kaelah was excited about finding her fave perfume online, and I completely fell in love with the design. It reminds me of one of my favorite periods in history, the 1920s. I've started an accidental perfume collection over the years, I really love having perfume but I don't wear it everyday, so the bottles sort of start piling up. I don't have many, but once I realized I've got a little collection going I wanted to start collecting more. I remember when I was younger I wanted to have a signature scent, something that people would recognize as distinctly me, but now I like the idea of switching it up. If I did have to have a signature scent, though, this might be it!

[L'Aromarine Peche Eau de Toilette, $18 at smallflower.com]

I really like fruity and citrusy scents more than florals or musky ones, and this is absolutely perfect. I was nervous it'd be really sugary and sweet, I definitely didn't want to smell like an 11 year old girl who drenched herself in that cotton candy body spray everyone used to use (does anyone else remember that?!). But it isn't too sweet. It smells like a peach mixed with a grapefruit. Very light and fresh... I'm in love!

In other news, I had a really good time at Jeff's show last night. I was nervous about the whole thing because we knew one of Chris's ex-girlfriends would be there, and I haven't had to deal with that kind of situation before. I'm definitely not a jealous girlfriend, and Chris and I are really open about our feelings, but I did have some anxiety about last night before we went out. Everything ended up fine, though, she was lovely and it was totally not a big deal. The best part was that I met Jeff's girlfriend for the first time and she was adorable! She and Jeff both live pretty close by, so we're planning on having them over to grill and go out on the boat soon!

We were in Chicago last night for the show at The Tonic Room for Jeff's show and let me just tell you, Chicago was nutso last night when the Hawks won! Chris and I aren't very sports-minded people, but we've watched a few of the games because it's the home team. While we were looking for a parking spot last night we were asking each other if we thought the Hawks won, when all of a sudden people EVERYWHERE were screaming and running out of bars and buildings and honking cars... It was intense! Even when we left the city at one in the morning people were still driving down the street blaring their horn and high fiving passers-by. Craziness, but very cool to experience.

I have work today and I'm going to take it easy before I go in... Don't forget my giveaway! I love you billions!



  1. OMG yeah! cotton candy body spray! Yuck! I remember there was also an "iced cupcake" one too...

    this went hand in hand with my beanie baby and glitter nail polish phase...

  2. such great perfumes! i tried getting the Oceane at a store in nashville the day before i left for nyc but they were sold out! i got the Rose instead and so far so good! its not AS great as Oceane but it'll do until i DO get a bottle :D ill have to try this one next time! I love the name and peaches are like my favorite food right now! :P


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