Little baby susannahbean

About a million years ago I saw Kaelah's post of old family photos and pictures of herself as a little girl and I thought it might be fun! Well I finally got Chris to show me how to work our scanner, so here we are!

Me and my momma

Six months old. Can you see my birthmark? It had probably
just shown up, I didn't have it when I was born!

My first vacation to Disneyworld! Judging by the amount of hair I have I must
have been around three or so. I was bald for a very long time. I'm eating Necco wafers,
they were my favorite candy as a kid, but I think they're gross now!

Same Disney vacation. All of the pictures from this trip are of me
in goofy hats or goofy sunglasses. I was such a hipster.

Here I am at four years old. We had Doberman Pinschers when I was a kid, and they had puppies. I don't remember this one's name, though. Look at my buck teeth!
My kindergarten school photo. My step-grandma always bought me these ridiculous dresses from a store called Chocolate Soup (I remember to this day because she always went on and on and on about how fabulous this store was). I really hated it. I have no clue why I'm rocking a bowl cut, but it was not the only one I ever had as a kid.

Same year. My dad and I were in this group called the Indian Princesses (I don't think it's called that anymore...). It was kind of like Girl Scouts except it was a way for dads and daughters to bond. I really loved it, we were in it from when I turned five to fifth grade. This is at one of the camp outs or something, they always had crazy games...

I took dance classes for a year or two, ballet and tap. This is one of my favorite pictures of me of all time! It was taken before a recital, I think my very first one. I remember we wore the same outfits for the ballet portion and the tap portion, and our tap shoes had pink ribbons tied in them. One of my ribbons fell out when I was on stage, and I remember I was spazzing out about whether I should stop dancing and pick up the ribbon or leave it. I decided to leave it until we were done dancing, but then I had to run across the stage to get it, after everyone else had already gone backstage!

This must have been fifth grade or so. We were visiting my great-grandma Peterson and she had bought me this dress for Christmas and my dad made me wear it. It was really an unfortunate dress. I don't know why, but she always bought be slips and things that must have been on clearance, they'd come with little defects or stains. It was a very great-grandma thing to do. But I loved her for it!

This must be sixth or seventh grade. I started wearing really huge sausage roll bangs. I'd worn bangs my whole life to cover my birthmark (in first grade a boy told me I looked like I had poop on my head.... lol) but in middle school I started to style them in this awful way.

My 8th grade graduation dance day. Oh boy. I can't even describe this look, really. I was very into hanging out with the ladies at the hair salon I went to, I was there all the time, and convinced them to dye streaks of my hair hot pink. The receptionist girl was in school for fashion design and I asked her to make me a dress for this dance. It was pretty bad... And look at those shoes! They were my ABSOLUTE favorite things to wear.

This is my photo from my junior year in high school. I remember I was wearing my favorite vintage t-shirt (you can kinda see it, it was red), but my dad didn't want me to wear it for my picture, so I threw on a black tee over it.

I've skipped quite a few years, and I know there are some truly heinous photos of me out there (like from freshman year, when I wore a pair of magenta faux snakeskin pants at least once a week), so if I come across any good ones I'll definitely share them.

What were you like as a kid?? Let me know if you do a post like this, I'd love to see it!



  1. aww your high school picture is really pretty! This post made me giggle! Cute stories! :) Your birthmark is super tiny I wouldn't even notice it unless you pointed it out.

  2. You are so pretty! I love the photo of you holding the puppy. Super cute!


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