Today was ridiculous.

I had the day off today, and I really wanted to get a lot done. We had a friend stay the night last night, so we got kind of a late start this morning, but I was feeling cute and energized and ready to get stuff done! Little did I know... almost nothing went my way.

Tee: Target [$8]
Skirt: stolen from my mom [free, lol]
Belt: Target [$15ish?]
Shoes: Target [$13]

I hate to admit it, but I let my license plate sticker expire. I should have gotten it before June 30th, but I was short on cash so I waited until today. I didn't think it was a big deal, we went to the currency exchange to get one. Walking up to the door, we see a sign saying 'cash or business check only'. Well I don't carry cash really, so I needed to get some. No biggie, my bank's across the street. I take out enough and go back. We get to the currency exchange again, and the lady tells me its $104.50. It used to be $78, and I hadn't heard they upped the price. I didn't take out enough cash for that, so I start out for the bank again. The teller says they have an ATM but it charges $2.75. Ok, I'll pay it and take out another $20. As soon as the twenty spits out, Chris says he recounted what I already had and it was enough. Ok, bummer, just paid too much to take out money I didn't need. Whatever. I go up to the window and pay, and she says to wait a minute. She types something into her computer and then goes "Ah ah ah, you didn't get your emissions test done, I can't give you a sticker!". She was pretty rude about it, and I'm a little frazzled already, so I got a little upset. I'm so annoyed at this point, I just get my money back and head home.

We get home and I'm trying to find the testing stations for my emissions test. There's one not too far, and hey, there's a Hobby Lobby nearby. Then I see that you need to have your testing form with you. Well shoot, I never got one, the car's in my dad's name. Call dad. He has it, have to go to his house to get it. Other direction. Ok. We drive to his house to get it, start driving to the emissions test place, stop for food. Drive again, then we can't find the street it's on. I drove waaaaaay past it the first time around, finally find a spot to turn around, and try again. We find the street. Then the building. What the hell. State holiday?! It's the Monday after the 4th, I didn't think it'd be closed! Ugh. I finally give up and go to Hobby Lobby (after first going the wrong direction out of the emissions test place).....

Chris kept saying that he'd never seen so many things go wrong about one event before. I really couldn't believe it.

After all that we stopped at a bicycle store to look for a part Chris needs and the girl there kept telling me I should model! That definitely made me feel better!



  1. Cute outfit! Your hair is amazing. Sorry you day was so crazy! I hate when that happens!

    Thera Joyce

  2. aw sounds like your day was frustrating! i spent the day trying to rest and periodically freaking out about stuff lol.

    im adding your button btw :)

  3. oh maaan i hate days like that. the kindness of strangers (and compliments) helps a lot though!

  4. Doing errands like those are never fun & those people are never nice or seem to know exactly what is going on. I love your skirt especially with that belt!

  5. love your outfit, you look adorable!

  6. adorable outfit! You SHOULD model! Hope you get everything figured out with your car.

  7. That emissions thing happened to me, too! I was supposed to renew in June as well, but then discovered all that extra stuff I have to do when I tried to do so.

    Good luck!

  8. You look adorable, I love your hair! xo


  9. very beautiful outfit! it looks great on you.


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