quiet time.

Yesterday was my only day off this week (hopefully I'll have Sunday off, but we'll see). Chris and I watched a movie our friend Jason highly recommended to us called Mary and Max. Jason usually gets reviews spot on for us, but this one we didn't quite get. He said it was his new favorite movie and that he teared up at the end, and we did like it, but it wasn't that great to us. It was still sweet and a little sad, and it was done in a very cool way, but still...

Tonight we're settling in for a few episodes of Lost (season 3, we've just started watching it!) before bed! I hope you had a beautiful day!



  1. Have fun!
    I'm sure you'll definitely get hooked on Lost; it's soooo good :)

  2. omg this picture is so freaking adorable! You guys are too cute together!

  3. That's too bad the movie wasn't that great!

    I think I'm one of the only people who has never seen "Lost".... haha!


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