unsuccessful shopping.

I got paid today, and it's the first paycheck I've gotten that I don't have to worry about every cent, so I decided I'd do a little bit of shopping! I gave myself a $50 budget and headed for the mall with the hopes that I'd find cute dresses at Forever 21, H&M, and A'Gaci.

But of course, I didn't find anything!

I tried this dress on at A'Gaci, and it was cute, but they didn't have a Large. The medium smooshed my boobs too much. Sad!

I was really hopeful that Forever 21 would have plenty for me to choose from. I haven't actually shopped in a F21 store in years, I've only purchased online, and I forgot how overwhelming that store is for me! I get kind of freaked out in crowds, especially when I'm alone (and I was tonight), and the clothes are so chaotic in there. I seriously couldn't even find any dresses, let alone good ones. It was really frustrating! I ended up leaving with a cardigan that I almost bought online that was on clearance in the store, a pair of sunglasses, and a necklace (that I might send to a little dear friend!). I made a few laps in there before I left, and it was such a bust. Plus I get overwhelmed trying things on, I get sweaty (gross, I know) and claustrophobic, and I feel like I need to rush. Maybe that's from years of shopping with Chris who HATES shopping!

I found this dress on the Forever 21 website, I wish I would have seen it in the store!

Ugh, see this is why I need a girlfriend to go shopping with! I'd love to be able to take my time and search through racks and racks of clothing without getting uncomfortable or feeling like I need to hurry my booty up!

Do any of you feel like this, or is it just me?



  1. I am the same way in crowds. I feel like everyone is watching me...

    I saw the prettiest dress in Target the other day, but zach didn't like it & I had already spent way too much money so I passed it up.

    its kinda similar to the floral dress you mentioned...
    check it out

  2. I'm like that too! I get so hot and uncomfortable and then sometimes I have a panic attack... so not fun. It's too bad you didn't find any dresses, I haven't been able to find any lately either. There is one Forever 21 store (in Buffalo) that has an amazing selection of dresses, but all the others I've been too lately (in Toronto and Lansing, MI) haven't had many at all. Bummer.

  3. im afaid of crowds. they suck!

    and smooshed boobs suck. i know the feeling. i alwyas have to get a weird size cause my chest is sort of giant. its kinda embarassing sometimes lol.
    ive noticed at the forever 21 close to me they never ever have anything larger than a medium!

    maybe you will be rewarded with a super awesome shopping trip that is full of awesome stuf soon

  4. i get hot and sweaty in dressing rooms too. and forever 21 is like looking through a thrift store... you gotta dig but every once in a while you'll find some gold!

  5. I love that second dress!!! This is a really nice blog! defo going to follow :) if you have the time please take a look at mine and tell me what you think :)


  6. My sister is like that - she gets flushed and squirrely in shops.
    My husband is so not helpful when it comes to shopping, I'm always feeling pressured to get in and out in two minutes, so I can totally relate. I'm definitely one to peruse and meander. A lack of girlfriends in my town sucks! Good luck to ya!

    (PS - It's me, Kate from what was once spinnerette.wordpress.com - I'm working on a new project, now!)

  7. that's exactly how i feel! whenever i go to f21 it's always very overwhelming and chaotic. i really like that floral dress. i wanna find it now! i've noticed most of their dresses are really short and i'm not a fan of that. makes me sad.

  8. Yup, Yup, Yup!! I love shopping but I can't shop when it's crowded because I get panic attacks - if you're ever in Northern Ireland I'll take you shopping!!!

  9. that dress is back in a large!


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