block party.

On Saturday our neighborhood had a block party down at the beach. There was a huge inflatable slide and a motown cover band called The Moods. It was fun, pretty low-key. After that we went to one of Chris's friend's birthday party. Chris has been friends with the same group of guys since about fifth grade (some even earlier), but we don't get to see everyone very often. It was nice to see them, and to reconnect with some other people we knew from high school. Since then we've been battling colds so we haven't been doing much more than hanging out on the couch watching old episodes of 30 Rock. Pretty boring, no??

eating peanuts

eating peanuts

block party

I swear, it's impossible to get a good picture of Chris.

Love you billions!

PS: Does anyone know what to do with importing photos into Blogger from Flickr now that they've changed everything around? I used to use the photo link, but now it seems like that won't work (something about code violation). For today I used the HTML for each photo but it shows a border around each one right now. Maybe when I publish it'll go away? xo


  1. I don't see a border. Although I didn't know you could import pictures from flickr!

  2. I don't have a border, but it might show in different browsers, I'm using Chrome. The other thing you can do is just remove the border bit of code from the HTML. I used flicker yesterday and used the link to url for the picture and it worked fine?


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