Friday the 13th.

Last Friday my dad invited Chris and I out on his boat with my little brother and sister. I had a lot of fun playing with the kids, and watching Chris try (unsuccessfully) attempting to wakeboard. I took lots of pretty photos of the area we were in, it's a lot closer to the Wisconsin border and it's surrounded by a state park, so there are little pockets of nature that are just gorgeous. We stopped so the boys could fish and my little sister and I took turns taking pictures.

my spot for the day.

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taking pictures while the boys try to fish.

our fishing spot.

it was such a gorgeous day.

pretty little inlet.

mikayla and aiden (and momma duck)

it's hard to take a sel-portrait on a moving boat.
I'll be back soon with some updates about my HomeEc progress, I finally started working on the projects!


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