oh crayola.

A few weeks ago I got a box of goodies from my mom. She sent me a bunch of random stuff- fabric scraps, glittery letters, vintage scarves, some beads- but the best part was this vintage dress. Originally she thought it was handmade, but once I got a look at it I saw it does have a tag, even though the hems look totally hand sewn. The size on the tag is 14.5, isn't that weird?

I tried the dress on when I first got it, and while I loved it's character I didn't really feel like it was something I could pull off on a regular day. Well, I went for it today and I have to say I really liked being the brightest person in the room!


(I wish the collar wasn't so huge, a peter-pan one would be cuter!)



(Isn't he cute? We went for sushi today, but we got there a
little early and had to wait for them to open!)

So I dyed my hair today, no big deal, it was the same brand as always. Only this time, when I took off the gloves I realized the one I had on my left hand must have had a hole in it. The space between my thumb and first finger is completely dyed! It's a lot darker in person.

stupid hair dye gloves.

I had to put this clip together to show you how many outtakes we get when we take WIWT pictures. I'm so bad at posing, so Chris just clicks away and we hope that four or five out for forty or fifty turn out. There are so many awkward pictures of me!

I finished my FAVORITE HomeEc project tonight, but I'm waiting to photograph it until it's daytime... Stay tuned!

Love you billions, little dears.


  1. I think it looks cute on you! <3
    Also I'm jealous you went for sushi, I haven't had sushi in a while and I'm definitely craving it!


  2. Cute outfit, looks good on you x

  3. okay, i looove that dress. too cute! and with the belt and cardigan it looks perfect!!

  4. 1. gimmie that dress
    2. gimmie that cardigan
    3. gimmie your hair
    4. you are the most adorable girl on the planet. hands down!

  5. Oh my gosh! I dyed my hair black for 2 years and every single time I took off the gloves my left hand looked exactly the same! This NEVER happens to my sister, who also dyes her hair black, so I thought I was the only one. There were never any holes either. Why does this happen?! haha!

  6. Cute dress! I love it!

    Also, my hands always look like that. I somehow always have a tiny hole in my work gloves. hehe

  7. @Kaelah: I think you meant to say #4 about yourself!

    @Chareese and @Thera: I'm glad it's not just me! It's seriously annoying though, my hands look gross!


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