I tried to make this outfit work, but it wasn't happening. I've been itching to wear my biker boots that I got last winter, and I thought I could pull this off but... not so much.

Dress: Old Navy ($15)
Belt: Calvin Klein (came with a dress)
Boots: Rocketdog, ($50ish on sale)

As soon as we took these pics I ran inside and changed into jeans and a tee. I'm in for a comfort kinda day...

I'm even making chicken and dumplings for dinner tonight! I'm super excited about that.
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  1. How do you manage to look just as cute in jeans and a tee? I wish I could do that! Instead I just feel like I look about 12, haha.

  2. I love both outfits! Those boots are rockin! Love 'em!

  3. I love you boots, and the outfit looked great. i think you should have worn it. :D chicken and dumplings? Yum have fun :D

  4. both outfits look great, but you really worked the dress. why didn't you like it?

  5. i think both outfits are great on you!!!


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